Think of your website as an employee

Posted on: 4th Apr 2014 by: Lukeymo

More often than not, deciding what functionality and what content should go on your new website is harder than deciding how your website should look. To help our clients with this, I always say the same thing: Think of your website as an employee of your company.

If one of your employees just sat around all day doing nothing but waiting for your potential customers to come to them, you wouldn't put up with it. The same rules should apply to your website. Your website needs to work hard and earn it's keep, just like the rest of your employees.

So, when it comes to your website, consider these suggestions...


Is there a job that you or your employees have to do daily, that you could delegate to your website? Delegating jobs to your website could save your company hours of time and therefore money. For example: Are you constantly answering the same questions over and over again when people enquire about your company or service? A simple FAQs page on your website can take care of that for you! Are you constantly spending time emailing large data sheet files to your customers? A downloads section or client area could take care of that for you! You get the idea.

Continued investment

You wouldn't expect an employee to continue to work hard for your company without continuing to invest in them. But often, this is exactly what is expected of a website. Just like an employee, a website will give more back the more you invest in it - whether that's time, money, or both! Don't just leave your website on the shelf and forget about it! There are lots of ways you can invest in your website... Spend time promoting it on social media, spend money advertising it on Google Adwords or Facebook ads, spend time tweaking your content for SEO, spend time adding new content, such as news or blogs, spend money improving the website by adding new features and functionality, etc, etc. A good website should never be considered finished. Just keep investing - the more you put in, the more your website will give back.

Training & improvement

If an employee wasn't very effective at their job, you wouldn't just let them continue being non-effective! You would look at what they were doing wrong and offer them training & support to put it right. You should offer the same courtesy to your website. If you don't feel the website is being as effective as it should be, consider why and look to rectify the problem. Is the website easy to use and navigate? Is there too much text making it off-putting? Is there too little text making it confusing? Are the call-to-actions clear enough, can it be found in search engines for the right key words?

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